I’m Alexandria


What makes me, me? Well…

I’m an: Advisor, Author, Boundaries Champion, Christ-follower, Foodie, INFJ, Positive Psychology Practitioner, Safe Space Holder, Storyteller, Strategist & I guess you could add List Lover…
to the list.


How Are You

Speaking of Author & Positive Psychology Practitioner, check out my book, Beyond ‘How Are You’, where I introduce readers to positive psychology by way of addressing a commonly used phrase.

at work

Alexandria the Advisor

How did we get here? It started with a lot of psychology courses. (It definitely started before that, but there’s not enough space or time.) The engineering courses led me to one of my best friends. That best friend introduced me to our school’s consulting club. Over a decade later and 20+ organizations in, you might say I’m a career consultant. I might, too.

My individual, personal boundaries work changed my relationship to corporate work (like it has for so many) and themes like psychological safety (trust), connection, and emotional intelligence and how they tie to a business’ bottom line became more and more interesting to me. I learned that any type of improvement in those themes from a business perspective were largely determined by organizational culture… and that is where my current work comes in—defining it, creating it, and sharing the strategies so my clients can sustain it!

Work for me is creativity and design, mixed with (com)passion for (understanding) people, a solution-seeking brain that likes the dots connected, and ultimately building and keeping trust with my clients.

seven little

Fun Facts

Travel or Vacation?

Travel – Give me the full experience!

Favorite Author?

Maya Angelou – I may or may not be a 1st edition collector

Morning or Night?
Good Morning, Sunshine
Favorite Cuisine?
Southeast Asian
Beach or Mountains?
Both, please!
Favorite Sitcoms?
Abbott Elementary, Modern Family & The Office
Name your crew!
Forever on team #dotoomuch—there’s so much life to live!

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