Is asking

How are you?

a habit for you?

When you are asked ‘How are you’, do you answer with typical responses like fine, tired, good, or busy?

What if you only needed to change one question to break the cycle? What might happen if you tried?

Start here with over 75 alternative questions, statements, and responses to ‘How are you?’ that you can easily reference and start implementing immediately!

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All jokes aside, this book includes questions that cover the many ways humans relate. You are bound to find at least one scenario that can change how you greet and connect with others!

Beyond How Are You

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Hi, I’m Alexandria,

the author of this book. I wrote Beyond ‘How Are You’ because I needed it. My problem was simple. The question felt too small for my big world. The solution was also simple. Think through better, different questions to ask others and give myself permission to answer as honestly as I could when others asked me.

Then, I found a new problem. People genuinely liked my questions to them, but there was no space or intentional dialogue about rethinking the collective use of ‘How Are You’ overall. My new solution? Crafting this little book and sharing it with you and the world.

Alexandria Theresa Skeete